A brief history of the Bridge Caravan Club.

In 2005 we were welcomed to the Bridge farm by John and Shirley Johnson, John was the Farm Manager and fellow Elddis owner, Persuaded by Les Cairns to hold a get together at the farm, we enjoyed it so much that we went to the farm a few more times, it was then pointed out to us that we were breaking DEFRA rules for using the same venue. I contacted ACCEO who were most helpful, they suggested we form our own caravan club. I then contacted DEFRA who sent me the forms to apply for an exemption certificate, A few weeks later we received our Para 6 certificate. We had an inaugural meeting in April 2006 the members present Freda and myself, I took on the roll as Secretary Ian and Yvonne Bennington Ian took the roll of Rally Secretary Yvonne who took on the roll of Treasurer Darren and Serena Medley Darren took the roll of Chairman and John and Shirley Johnson. We named the club the Bridge caravan club. We limited our membership to 24 as we did not want a large club. Over the years we enjoyed a few rallies a year including one continental rally at Saumur in France. We also Hosted the 2008 ACCEO AGM at Newark showground one of the smallest clubs to do so .One other benefit of course was that we could still rally with friends that had bought other brands including myself who now owns a Swift. This did not go down well with the Elddis owners club as the word went round we had started a breakaway club. Over the years we had lost a few members and recruited a few more from Elddis .The main problem we had was that most of our members were true to Elddis and did not want to run rallies for the Bridge club, this meant that it was left to myself and Freda Ian and Yvonne and John and Shirley who ran the AGM Rally. This year (2014) we have not run any rallies and phone calls to and from committee members it was put to the members should we carry on with the club as we were paying out insurance in my view for nothing I got a response from the members that they were not bothered about carrying on with the club. In my opinion this should have been done at the AGM. But apparently most of the members did not want to attend this year’s AGM(2014) We all received cheques split 16 ways for the balance of funds in the account. I was in the process of sending our certificate back to Natural England when I received a call from David Thompson asking advice on starting a new club, I told him the Bridge club was in the process of sending our certificate back as no one wanted to run rallies we came to the conclusion of keeping the Bridge club going with an influx of new members.

Privacy Policy.

(Must be read before applying for membership)

Please read before submitting Membership Application Form.

Privacy Notice

The Bridge Caravan Club 2014 can be contacted by post addressed to the Club Hon Secretary.

4 Mayfield Drive, Brayton, Selby, YO8 9JZ. The Club has a legitimate interest in using the personal data you give to the Club on this form for the purpose of communicating with you on matters relating to the club for the lifetime of your membership

Your personal data will not be transferred to any other person or organisation and will be deleted from the Club records one year after your membership of the club has terminated. You have the right to request from the Club access to and rectification of your personal data. If you feel that your personal data has been misused you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.

The personal information requested from you is needed to facilitate the operation of Bridge Caravan Club 2014 and so that members can contact each other.

• To store it securely for membership purposes.

• To communicate with you as a Bridge Caravan Club 2014.

• To facilitate communications between members.

I consent to my data being used for membership purposes as detailed above. This being necessary as a member to enable the distribution of Club publications.

For inclusion in the Membership Directory which is available to all committee members and the Bridge News Editor.

Any rally Marshall will have some information on rally booking slips. These to be destroyed at the end of the rally.

I accept that photographs taken at Club events may include my image and understand that I can request the removal from the website / facebook of photographs that include my image. By joining the Club I confirm my consent to these arrangements for photographs taken at Rallies

The fees for the first year are:- Joining fee £5 + £10 Membership = £15 and covers you till December 31st 2022

If you fill in the on-line Application Form Please follow up with a personal E-mail to :- bridgecc14@gmail.com or by post with the following details.

BACS:- Sort Code 30-80-55

Acc. The Bridge club 2014

Acc. No. 69836868 (Please put your name as the reference)

Post, to 4 Mayfield Drive, Brayton, Selby. YO8 9JZ, accompanied by your cheque, made payable to Bridge club 2014

On receipt of payment you will be invited to join a private members only ‘Facebook’ group, you will be issued with details to join ‘Dropbox’ where you will be able to view current members, accounts, and details of events. Log in details for our "ZOOM" Events

A yearly Membership Plaque.

A monthly ‘Bridge Newsletter" by e-mail with a review of rallies and news from around the club.